Give Today To Support The Work Of Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT) Kalamazoo!

TRHT Operations
A gift to the TRHT operations will support efforts today to address inequities in our community. Transforming our community first requires truth telling and racial healing. TRHT Kalamazoo is comprised of specific design teams and hundreds of volunteers bringing community together to affect real change to local policies and practices, in policing and housing for example.

TRHT Endowment
Transformative work is neither quick nor linear. Systems of racism have been built and sustained over generations and will require generations to dismantle. The TRHT endowment fund is our community's only permanent source of funding to sustain efforts aimed at systemic change. This endowment fund ensures that our community has resources to be in this work for the long-haul.

A gift to the endowment fund will be invested for growth. The earnings on the fund will support efforts to dismantle racial inequities and oppression to transform Kalamazoo County.

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